Friday, May 30, 2008

aporia books | bangkok

From outside, Aporia Books is an ordinary shop. A small bookshop with a window display and single doorleaf. It’s nearly unseen. Something that makes Aporia more eye-catching is its location at the T-intersection, between Khao San Road and Thanon Tanao at Banglamphu Area, Bangkok.

I went to Aporia to look for a Bangkok Bus Map. After lost in Bangkok by bus, I decided to follow Lonely Planet advice to buy a Bangkok Bus Map. It is said, Bangkok bus routes change regulary. So, a pocket bus map will be necessity.

Then, when I opened the door, seeing inside the shop, then I stunned. It’s bookshop. A great travel bookshop I ever seen. Aporia has complete Lonely Planet guidebooks in any languages. Rough Guides, Footprint, and other guide book are available here. You could choose what you need, the new one or used books. All used books are in good condition.

Couldn't stop my passion to buy travel guide book at Aporia, finally I bought a second-hand Bangkok city-guide from Lonely Planet.

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